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If you have a vehicle and are interested in showing at the Vintage Racing Stables New Hampshire Concours d’Elegance we encourage you to register in advance, but you may do so at the gate.

Join us as we take a step back in time at the

Fourth Annual Vintage Racing Stables NH Concours

Saturday, August 6th, 2022, and Sunday, August 7th, 2022 Vehicle registration will open (hold date)

Do you have questions⁠?

Any questions about showing a vehicle please contact us at: Info@VintageRacingStable.com


13 Class Categories⁠

A-Early Automobiles 1895-1917 Note: Combines both American and European

B- Pre-War Road Cars 1917-1948 Note: Combines both American and European

C- Post-War American Road Cars 1948-1975

D- American Hot Rods 1945-1959

E- American Muscle Cars 1960-1975

F-Post-War European Road Cars 1948-1975 Note: Based on entries, this class may be broken down in marque specific classes

G-Post-War European Road Cars 1975-1990

H- Pre-War Sports Racing 1948 and earlier

I-Post-War Sports Racing 1990 and earlier

J-Preservation Class (Unrestored Cars)

K-Super Cars and Exotics 1970-1990

L- Under 30 Next Generation Class 1999 and earlier

M -Motorcycles R -Rolls Royce Springfield Specialty Class