13 Class Categories


Class Award Titles:


Best in Class


Excellence Award


A-Early Automobiles 1895-1917

Note: Combines both American and European

B- Pre-War Road Cars 1917-1948

Note: Combines both American and European

C- Post-War American Road Cars 1948-1975

D- American Hot Rods 1945-1959

E- American Muscle Cars 1960-1975

F-Post-War European Road Cars 1948-1975

Note: Based on entries, this class maybe broken down in marque specific classes

G-Post-War European Road Cars 1975-1990

H- Pre-War Sports Racing 1948 and earlier 

I-Post-War Sports Racing 1990 and earlier

J-Preservation Class (Unrestored Cars)

K-Super Cars and Exotics 1970-1990

L- Under 30 Next Generation Class 1999 and earlier

M -Motorcycles

R -Rolls Royce Springfield Specialty Class 

Speciality Awards

Boston Cup Award

Amelia Award

Misselwood Award

Greenwich Award

Jim Lowrey Award

Chairmans' Award

Specific Sponsor Awards